1958 Edsel Pacer

Edsel Pacer (1958)
for sale

Price: US $3,000.00


This Edsel is a piece of Comedy history. This car was featured in the movie Used Cars starting Kurt Russel and Jack Warden. This is the only vehicle that is used in the scenes with Jack Warden in the car. This vehicle has history and visual identifiers that confirm its identity! vehicle is sold on a bill of sale.
The 1958 Pacer four door hardtop which has been painted white and turquoise (but has a coral interior) is the one used when they dig up Jack Warden’s main character in the film (Luke Fuchs) and fix him behind the wheel while on the hook of a tow truck--- starting and revving the car fully to drop it to drive across the lot (before it explodes as a ’59 painted to look like a ’58).
The film was done in Arizona and sometime in the late 1980s the Edsel in question made its way to the Kansas City Area. In 1992, a small ad ran for the car in the Kansas City newspaper (see photos) and the car was bought by the present seller’s father--- where it sat in a barn for the last almost 30 years.
Key items which lend to the car’s authenticity—the paint on the exterior with a non matching coral interior (you can plainly see both in the film) as well the sticker on the windshield and the dents around the back part of the scallop areas on the driver’s side.
At the backdrop center of all the great comedy and storyline of USED CARS is the “inside joke” about Luke’s Edsel which he supposedly bought new as shown in a period photo noted as 1957 on it. The Edsel switches back and forth between 1958 and 1959 model years. When it is on top of the pole as a sign, it is a 1959 model. When it is dropped to the ground to bury Luke—it’s still a ‘59. When it is dug up, started, and drives across the lot with the dead Luke behind the wheel, it is a 1958 model. When it hits the transformer, it is again a 1959 model Edsel, with a turquoise scallop painted on the side to match the 1958 model. The funny part about the scenes showing the 1958 model is there were actually TWO 1958 Edsels used for the filming--- a Ranger four door sedan and a Pacer four door hardtop--- making a GRAND TOTAL of THREE Edsels used in the filming. THIS IS THE HERO CAR NOT THE CRASHED CAR OR THE CAR ON THE SIGN.
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