1963 AMC Rambler Cross Country 660 Wagon

AMC Rambler Cross Country 660 Wagon (1963)
for sale

Price: US $1.00


About this vehicle This 1963 AMC Rambler Cross Country 660 Wagon is an original. The owner has had it for 5+ years. The vehicle runs great and is mainly used for weekend drives. Vehicle Details This is a very rare rambler cross country 660 station wagon. It is in show condition what is mechanically sound enough you could use it for a daily driver. It has three on the tree and the original motor which was recently rebuilt. I have the original key from the dealership as well as a couple of posters that came out of the dealership. I have an extra set of rambler hubcaps as well. it has a small flaw near the rear passenger side tire. I have a body man lined up to fix it but I need to move the car to make room.
I can’t count how many times people have walked up to me and started telling me memories of this car and literally weeping. This is the Pixar of cars. It warms hearts.
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update: 2021-10-20


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