1970 Opel 1900

Opel 1900 (1970)
for sale

Price: US $10,100.00


Still some work left to do!
I purchased this Opel Gt in 2006, while I was living in Las Vegas. The car was rust free, and still is. Always garaged before I purchased and after.
After I purchased the car, I purchased the motor. It was bored, balanced, and blueprinted. I do not remember what the bore over was, and I cannot find any of the paperwork (Still looking and I will post when I find it)
I had the interior and headlined replaced, added the front fiberglass spoiler, and had the Bodyshop remove the emblems and trim that goes around the back end, they customized the back to make a smooth transition from the fenders and lid to the rear area, it just gives a cleaner look.
When the car was finished in 2006 it was show quality, I even took it to a few car shows in the Vegas area. I have only driven the car a few hundred miles since the restoration was done.
I moved to New Braunfels Texas in 2008. At that time, I had several cars in my collection, including another Opel GT. I parked both cars in a storage garage in July of 2008 and did not touch them again for 5 years. By the time I pulled the cars out of storage I had to drain the fuel tanks, replace fuel lines and carburetors, replace brakes and rotors. I decided to sell the other Opel at that time and came up with a plan to make this car a retro mod. I purchased a Honda S200 that had been rear ended, the engine had less than 20K miles. I removed the dash from this car and took it to a body shop, along with the S2000 to have the engine compartment customized and fit the engine and tranny from the S2000. The body shop was also planning to fabricate a custom dash that would allow all the gauges to be digital. It was a cool plan, that’s as far as it got. The cars set at the body shop for three years, then were moved to a new location, where they sat for another four years. I gave up! I sold the S2000 and decided to sell the Gt. By that time the GT had sat so long that I had to drain fuel, replace fuel lines, replace the starter, replace the MSG ignition, and replace the carb. I even had to replace the brake lines and order new calipers and pads. I finally brought the Gt back to my shop about 8 months ago, I just set the dash back into place, have not plugged all the gauges back in, I AM DONE!!
So, what you get is an Opel GT that still needs about 30-man hours’ worth of tinkering to get all the gauges back to functional. The car starts, runs, drives. It is not ready to drive across the country, It is ready to drive onto a transport truck and head to a shop where someone has the time to finish putting it back together (the dash) All the parts are there except the speedometer cable and the cigarette lighter. There is a company called Opel GT Source in Northern California that stocks every part and upgrade you can imagine for these cars. Their prices are reasonable, fast shipping and they are very helpful when you call. You could literally build a car from scratch and order everything you need from Opel GT Source. I would still refer to this as a “project” because it is not ready to drive across the country. The engine, tranny, and suspension (Also new in 2006) are worth more than most Opel GT’s that are still out there. If you are somewhat mechanically inclined, you could have this car at 100% over a three-day weekend. If I were buying this car, I would order the high-performance Weber carb from Opel GT Source (Part # 9028, $369) Order the chrome mirrors, speedo cable and cigarette lighter assembly. I just had the brake lines replaced last year along with the calipers and pads. When I got in the car to takes pics today, the pedal went to the floor, needs to be bled before you drive it.
I apologize for the pics; car is still dirty from sitting. I whipped it down but did not have time to detail. There are a few chips and scratches but overall, it looks very nice. I pulled it out of the shop to take pictures for this ad and had several people stop to see it, most people don’t know what an Opel GT is. Great collector car!
I can send video of it running (just ask me for it and give me an email I can send to). Happy to help get it loaded and you are welcome to come see it in New Braunfels Texas before you bid. Plan on having it transported unless you live close to New Braunfels.

update: 2022-01-30


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