1973 Triumph Spitfire

Triumph Spitfire (1973)
for sale

Price: US $6,800.00


Vehicle Details 3 Project Triumph Spitfires with Titles, 1973, 78, 80I drove the dark red 1980, shown with body off frame, for about 3 years and decided to remove the body to make it nice. It has just a little bondo on some areas of the rockers and kevlar glued under the thinning driver's floor. It is a nice interstate cruiser with overdrive. . . ignition timed to kick in at 70 MPH. The 90, 000 mile engine uses a quart of Pennzoil 10w40 every 4, 500 miles. Nice, rather new, Pirelli tires . . . make that tyres.I purchased the white rust spotted, cookie sheet driver's floor, 1978, as a daily driver but when I got it home noticed that the rear of the transmission was cracked and bought a used one. Engine runs good and has 53, 000 miles on it. Comes with a hard top. Brand New, cheapie Douglas (Walmart Goodyear) tyres. The chrome bumpers are better than average. . . bumpers would look great on a 1973.The 1973 is not shown except in background. It's a non-restorable rust-bucket, sidelined with a broken clutch . . . BUT . . . had a freshly overhauled engine with liners. I measured up the bores . . . I measured the crank (1/2 thousandth out of round at center bearing). Will make a great engine with the (included) new 9:1 pistons and original timing (12 more degrees open) cam purchased from Great Britain plus Chinese knock off, MGB distributor.Other parts include:- extra overdrive transmission, solenoid clicks in an draws 2 amps- new Soft top in the box- new windshield- hard top (looks terrible but restorable)- nicely built (by me) 3.27 rear end with correct flange.- 2 more 3.27 pinions and crowns gearsThere are 2 complete exhaust systems, 1 original and 1 new, stainless steel.All Three Titles are good . . . the 1973 and 1980 are in my name. The 1978 is signed over with the buyer name still blank.
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update: 2021-11-01


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