1976 Pontiac Bonneville

Pontiac Bonneville (1976)
for sale

Price: US $800.00


I’m listing this for a friend. You can contact him directly with questions. His name is Bart and you can reach him at 979-777-0059.The car belonged to an elderly gentleman in the local nursing home that his family is trying to clear up his estate. the last time it was tagged was 1999. the family said it was driven into the barn the last time he drove it. the deacon from his church which is who i am selling this for went over and drained the old gas out of it & put new gas in it and put a battery on it. he said it started up and he drove it on and off his trailer. naturally its dirty. the exhaust has leaks. there are a few small rust spots by the trim around and under the vinyl top. the auction is starting at $800 which is what the local salvage yard offered for the car & will sell to the highest bidder.
no matter what you read anywhere else there are ONLY TWO PAYMENT METHODS ACCEPTED ON THIS VEHICLE. anyone that will be coming to pick it up in person can pay him with U.S, currency after inspecting the car to their complete satisfaction. anyone buying sight unseen and having the car shipped will need to pay by bank wire before the car leaves his place. i always suggest having a 3rd party inspect the vehicle to your specifications because this is a car that has been parked for many years. the miles are supposed to be accurate.
DO NOT PAY EBAY! this car does not belong to me and i dont want to be responsible for anyone elses money. winner of the auction will pay the owner when picking the vehicle up.

update: 2022-01-31


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