1982 DeLorean DMC-12

DeLorean DMC-12 (1982)
for sale

Price: US $35,000.00


This is easily the coolest car I have ever owned. I’m only looking to sell it because I'm about to begin house shopping. I bought it because I love washing my car with mineral spirits and I like doors that open upward.
A lot of upgrades, preventative maintenance, and “while you’re in there” work has been done to this car. It is very fun to drive.
Some noteworthy things that set this DeLorean apart from the rest are the lowered suspension, LED lighting, modern stereo, cold air intake, performance exhaust, remote opening doors, and the ability to drive places.
Here are all the details.
Fuel System
Fuel delivery system upgraded by DMC CA shortly before I bought it (2012).I added a check valve to the fuel delivery hose. There are no hot start issues.Fuel Injector Nozzles and Fuel Injector Seals replaced in 2012.Fuel Filter from Special T Auto installed in 2015.Warm-up Regulator from DeLorean Auto Parts installed in 2015.
Electrical System
Wiring Harness 108599 in the front of the car was replaced while I was in there.Windshield washer pump replaced in 2012. It all functions properly.All 4 headlights replaced in 2012. Great performance for night driving.LED bulbs in all exterior lights and interior lights except for a couple warning lights that need incandescent bulbs for the circuit to work correctly. The glove box light and engine compartment light are also still incandescent.New Taillight circuit boards from PJ Grady.New Dome Lights from DMC Texas. The automatic on setting isn't working. Only the front dome light turns on in manual mode. I never got around to investigating this.Battery was replaced in 2012. The car starts right up.Fuse Box and Fuses replaced in 2015. Oxidation had formed on the old fuses over time, generating a lot of heat which melted portions of the old fuse box. I used a thermal camera before and after to verify the heat problem was fixed.Relay Update Kit installed in 2015.Flexible Circuit Board behind instrument cluster replaced 2017. The old one cracked with age.Prior owner had alarm system installed. I switched off the siren, but otherwise left everything intact.Comes with 2 remotes that lock/unlock the doors and can also open each door individually. This is quite possibly the coolest thing ever. I have startled so many people with it. Also when you pick someone up you can open the door for them as you're pulling up.Left and Right Door Lock Solenoids replaced and door lock relay upgraded in 2012.Left and Right Window Motors replaced in 2012. The windows function properly.Rear Defroster Switch replaced in 2012. The rear defroster doesn't seem to work, but I never planned on troubleshooting this because the rear window never gets foggy since it's next to the engine.LED Window Switches added in 2015.Upgraded Headlight Switch from DMC installed in 2015. This minimized current through the switch thereby avoiding electrical issues down the road.Upgraded Mirror Adjuster Switch installed in 2015. The mirrors function properly.Engine Harness Replaced by DMC CA in 2016. New wiring is always better than 30+ year old wiring.Engine Compartment Light and Switch replaced in 2018. It works.
Brake System
Brake system was flushed in 2012.Front Brake Calipers overhauled in 2012.The car stops when you press the brakes.The emergency brake works.
Light Gray Carpet Kit and Black Floor Mats from DMC installed 2016. This took away the old car smell that the 30+ year old carpet had.Dynamat installed in floor and behind seats to keep out road/engine noise and reduce vibration.New Wiper Switch installed 2012.Odometer knob assembly replace in 2012. This is a common part to break on these cars.New glove box insert and hardware installed in 2015.Dashboard is cracked and passenger crash pad needs recover. However, the binnacle looks good.Retrosound Model Two Black, Retrosound 294 DIN Kit, Retrosound 402-40-90 Faceplate/Knob Kit installed in 2016. This stereo offers a variable color display, hands-free calling, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB which runs through the back of the center console. The stereo looks original but offers all of the modern features.Kicker 4” Speakers in the front, Kicker 4x10” Speakers in the rear in 2016. These are stock sizes and mounted in the stock locations with all new wiring. Their power handling matches the Retrosound stereo well.Rockford Fosgate Punch P1S2-8 installed in a Custom Sealed Box from DMC in the cubby behind the driver’s seat in 2016. Powered by a Clarion XC2110 mounted behind the seat. This is just the right amount of bass without being imposing.DMC Pedal Pad Kit installed in 2015.Speedometer Upper Cable, Lower Cable, Angle Drive, and Dust Shield replaced in 2015. The original angle drive failed so I replaced everything to ensure no issues down the road.New Door Pull Straps installed in 2017.New Carpet in Luggage Compartment in 2015.
Blower Motor and Squirrel Cage from DeLorean Auto Parts installed in 2015.HVAC System disassembled, cleaned, and insulation replaced in 2015.Evaporator, Condenser, and Heater Core replaced in 2015.Accumulator, Various Hoses/Seals replaced and A/C charged by DMC CA in 2016. A/C blows cold.A/C Fascia Decal replaced in 2017. The old one had some scratches.A/C Mode Switch Rebuild Kit installed in 2017.
Door gas struts replaced 2017. The doors open completely on their own. No sagging.Door hinge cracks repaired at DMC CA in 2016. A previous owner must have messed with them, but DMC CA fixed it.Frunk and engine cover open properly.Engine louvre has updated support and a new left and right support buffer from DMC.There are 3 dings on the roof. There is also one ding on the hood. They are all hard to see unless you're told they're there. See photos.Windshield is cracked but it is at the bottom out of line of site.Front fascia exhibits “eyebrows” which is typical for the original.There is some rust at the front of the frame. The rest of the frame looks good.Windshield Washer Nozzle replaced in 2012.New Powdercoated Rock Screen from DMC in 2015.
BF Goodrich Tires installed in 2015. Only about 5, 000 miles on them. Stock sizes.Steering Column Bushing replaced in 2015. This is commonly missing in DeLoreans.The car is lowered. The proportions look good and it handles corners well.
Clutch Slave Cylinder replaced in 2015.Stainless Steel Clutch Master Cylinder from DeLorean Auto Parts installed in 2015.Clutch and Crankshaft Rear Seal replaced by DMC CA in 2016.Flywheel resurfaced by DMC CA in 2016.
DeLorean Performance Industries Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust installed in 2015. The right tail pipe is dented but there are no exhaust leaks. The headers are installed with extra studs to prolong the integrity of the exhaust manifold gaskets. The right header is wrapped with exhaust wrap to protect nearby wiring. It sounds awesome.DMC Cold Air Intake installed in 2016. The original air intake is included.DeLorean Performance Industries Silicone Vacuum Hose Kit installed in 2015.Alternator, Mounting Hardware, and Belt replaced in 2015.Throttle Control Assembly replaced in 2015.Stainless Steel Water Return Pipe, Water Pump Kit, Radiator, Improved Fans, Otterstat, Temp Gauge Sender, Radiator Cap, Stainless Steel Hose Clamps from DeLorean Auto Parts installed in 2015.Vacuum Switch, Oil Pressure Gauge Sender, Oil Pressure Light Sender, and Idle Speed Microswitch from DeLorean Auto Parts installed in 2015.Rubber Hose Kit and Thermostat installed by DMC CA in 2016.Radiator Support Brackets/Hardware from DMC installed in 2015.Head Gasket Replacement performed by DMC CA in 2016.Spark Plugs & Wires replaced in 2016.New Seals/Hardware on Top End in 2016.The “Valley of Death” was coated by a previous owner, so there is no sign of corrosion.
New Jack added from DMC in 2015.Owner’s Manual, Parts Manual, Service Manual, Tech Manual, and Color Wiring Diagram included.Locking DMC Car Cover included.As always, keep in mind that there is always a risk associated with buying a 1980's vehicle. I have listed all of the good and bad to the best of my knowledge but I cannot guarantee many miles of trouble-free operation. I've put together this extensive list to help you make the decision. I want the buyer to enjoy this car and be happy with their purchase. Thanks for looking!

update: 2018-02-13


Condition:UsedYear: 1982
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): SCEDT26T9CD010471Mileage: 70,500
Transmission: ManualMake: DeLorean
Body Type: CoupeModel: DMC-12
Vehicle Title: ClearDrive Type: RWD
Power Options: Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power WindowsFuel Type: Gasoline
Exterior Color: 304L Stainless SteelFor Sale By: Private Seller
Interior Color: GrayDrive Side: Left-hand drive
Number of Cylinders: 6

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