1983 AMC Other

AMC Other (1983)
for sale

Price: US $10,499.00


This is the nicest 1983 AMC Eagle DL (Deluxe Package) I've seen and I still haven't had time to have the car detailed. Rare, with only 12, 378 produced, excellent mechanical condition, starts, runs, drives like a new car with original 'Deep Midnight Blue' exterior paint (paint has some blemishes) and 'Nutmeg' interior (very nice condition).
I'm the second owner and I do drive it a few times each week so the mileage may change some. The AMC Eagle was the Official vehicle of the US and Canada Ski Patrol car in 1983, it has factory 4 wheel drive and the history of the Eagle is very interesting. You can Google it, and the AMC Eagle is currently an up and coming collector car!
I purchased the car from the estate of the original owner in Arkansas who was a nurse and she drove the car occasionally when it would snow, a rare occurrence in Batesville, Arkansas, and the reason for a rust free low mileage car.
The car comes with the original owners manual, original receipts, and the original 1983 AMC sales brochure. It will also come with all my receipts. When I purchased the car it had not been driven in three or four years so I immediately replaced most any or all rubber components including fuel lines, vacuum lines, brake lines, tires, rubber door moldings, window sweeps, etc. I also cleaned and/or replaced other system components that may have caused problems including the carb., brakes, shocks, struts, front suspension, a broken hatch hinge, swapped out the factory plastic valve cover with the proper aluminum valve cover (a common modification with Eagle owners). The factory air conditioning was serviced and blows cold, a new power steering pump was added as the original began to squeal, and servicing the automatic transmission I decided to have it rebuilt to prevent any future failures as I had planned to make this my second vehicle and drive it.
I have all the receipts (there is more than listed here) and the Eagle drives great with no play in the steering wheel and everything but the rear window defroster works as it should. as the wiring is present but detached. All the work was done by a professional shop and mechanics familiar with AMC Eagles.
The car does need the original headliner replaced as it is currently sagging and the drivers seat cover needs a minor repair (less than $500 total). There is some sun fading on plastic components in the rear cargo area of the hatchback (common), and the rear plastic filler panel between the rear bumper and the car is also faded and/or damaged from gasoline dripping when filling the tank. I'm obsessive compulsive when it comes to my cars, motorcycles, and equipment and I replaced/repaired most any component that may have caused the car to run improperly or cause minor breakdowns, though it probably didn't need it. I then added the bolt-on roof rack (it can easily be removed if so desired), and I removed the factory wheels and deluxe hubcaps (that are part of the sale with the car) and I replaced them with Jeep aluminum wheels (a common addition by Eagle owners because they look better).
You could safely drive this car anywhere at any distance. I love the car, but I need a truck. If you like AMC Eagles, they are becoming one of the new hot collector items, and you will love this one! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions or you want to come look at the car.

update: 2021-03-01


Condition:Seller Notes:
Year: 1983VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 2CCCK3856DB720694
Mileage: 83429Model: Other
Vehicle Title: CleanMake: AMC

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