1994 Mercury Grand Marquis

Mercury Grand Marquis (1994)
for sale

Price: US $6,800.00


100% Original Florida car, brand new 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis LS with only 66xxx original miles. Thiscar looks like it left the factory last month. The car is perfect! Everythingworks! There is nowhere to put a defect!
The seats front and back arebrand new, no marks or cracks (same with the rest of the arms). Looks likenobody used them!
Door panels, carpet, headliner, electric mirrors, power windows, power seats, originalradio/cassette player, electric antenna, dashboard, all gauges, whippers, coldA/C, hot heater, they are perfect, and they all work perfectly!
4 brand new tires with lessthan 200 miles on them. Spire tire is new too and match wheels.
4 brand-new disc brake andpads.
No scratches or marks onwheels.
Paint is excellent, only havetwo scratches in trunk lid.
All lights work
Underneath is practicallynew, shocks, bushings, exhaust pipes
The car has absolutely NORUST!
V8 4.6L / 190 HP / 4.200 RPMall stickers and factory brands antique engine was used many years ago by thepolice. If you know what I’m talking about you know this engine is veryreliable. I have seen these cars with over 250xxx miles, and they keep runningso 66xxx miles is practically nothing.
The engine runs strong, andthe transmission is smooth. Engine / transmission with absolutely NO LEAKS! Allfluids are new, meticulous maintenance. It is the same thing as driving yourgrandma’s couch. Drives like new, no noise, no shakes.
Two sets of keys and remotecontrol (all works)
All manual accessories
Unfortunately, they don’tmake cars like this anymore. This is the opportunity for somebody to have aperfect 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis LS with lots of life ahead. It is not acliché, but you can cross the country with this car without problems. The car is a time capsule, the pics do not doit justice. Seeing the car in person is better.
Clean Florida Title, boughtnew in Lakeland, FL and taken to Sebring FL where it stays his whole life.
You are welcome to inspectthe car in person or send a third party. The car is in Bartow FL, kept in mygarage.
If you have any questionsabout it, please feel free to contact me. If you want a specific picture, I canalso send it to you. No surprises here!
Cash in person, Money Order, personal check (once cleared)
All shipping charges arebuyer’s responsibility.
Deposit non-refundable$500.00 via PayPal
Will help shipper loadvehicle plus provide photos of it before and after loading.

update: 2022-01-29


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