2008 Lincoln Mark LT

Lincoln Mark LT (2008)
for sale

Price: US $10,950.00


About this vehicle This 2008 Lincoln Mark LT is an original. The owner has had it for 1 year. The vehicle runs great. Vehicle Details ***Pleaee do NOT hit buy it now, contact me first. Thanks***
Personally I think that this is one SPECIAL(RARE) truck!
If u don’t know, the Mark LT’s were only made from 06-08 and like most final editions/final years are usually the BEST, are the most sought after, and are the most valuable!
And, it’s definitely the most desirable color combo(black on black RULES on Lincoln’s and Caddy’s)!
AND… This next part may separate it from the rest!
I recently spent $3, 300 on its most PROBLEMATIC issues/parts(the “ISSUED”
5.4 Triton motor).
And now, AWESOME news is ALL parts that go bad in the 5.4 are new(with PROOF, I will even give u my mechanic’s phone # for verification it wanted)!
Oh, and even a little bit more AWESOME news!
Truck has resided in the Houston area since it was brand new so ZERO rust like a lot that u will find for sale!
It was a one owner truck before me too!
I’m an Escalade EXT guy, had 2, just sold 1, and I wanted a Mark LT to go with my EXT’S but now with over a handful of other vehicle’s I have too I’m kinda tired of paying what I do to insure so many vehicle’s so I’ve sold a few and reluctantly I’m putting this baby up for sale too(I say reluctantly because this is one serious collector truck and I know all of the work/$ I just spent on it and what an AWESOME truck it is)!
Cons: has a few typical type scratches, a little ding on upper rt bedside(no big deal), it has a little wear on center console armrest(but a new cover can be bought here on for CHEAP $), slide door for sunroof needs a little steam cleaning, just recently left side of dash above gauge cluster got a hairline crack from the darn Texas HEAT we get/endure BUT it’s a snap on dash trim piece so not really a big deal, they’re like $50 here on eBay, and all factory Lincoln floor mats are nice minus one worn spot on drivers floor mat(purple mats I’ll be removing, just have in currently to protect original floor mats).
And last, ac is cool but not ice cold, good news is ac system has no leaks! I think system needs vacuuming because whenever I first bought truck, it had sat for 3 years because of work neded that I had done and I topped off with freon but I did not vacuum system first and I THINK it has moisture in system, a typical type of deal!
A new ac compressor for it is averagely priced here on for $120 with free shipping so even if it was in need of a new ac compressor they’re relatively INEXPENSIVE!
If def recommended vacuuming first(and heck with the x of year around the corner it’s kinda suffice as is being cool but not ice cold!
Pros: again, it’s a previously ONE OWNER LIFELONG TX RUST FREE truck!
Again it has the problematic 5.4 PROBLEMS/ISSUES fixed/addressed(with PROOF).
And overall for a 13 year old truck it’s one GR8 looking COLLECTOR truck!
As history report shows, truck itself has around 175k mls on it but original owner had a new motor put in at one point so truck has around 100k mls more than replacement motor!
It has a cluster in it showing only 68k miles BUT I can put original cluster back in that shows 175k miles, whatever buyer prefers(OR add $100 more and u can buy with both cluster’s which are harder to find cluster’s since they’re 3 year only cluster’s).
Truck drives extremely TIGHT, transmission shifts PERFECTLY, and again motor actually runs FLAWLESSLY!
And I’m probably forgetting several things that were done to it but here’s the main things that were done.
New dual timing chain with new tensioners(a more expensive set), new cam phasers(more expensive ones), a new water pump, new crank sensors, new plugs, new coils, new spark plug wires, complete engine flush/oil change, and I believe head work was done while it was all apart(again $3, 300 was spent on it with parts/labor and I get a kinda wholesale price, this isn’t a full retail price at all, no way).
Also, it has a new $200 windshield too.
If u look around the net u will find some for a LOT more $$$ with even over 200k miles AND heck, a LOT of just 2008 F150’s are priced hire then this COLLECTIBLE baby is priced(look here on eBay, 2008 F150’s are priced more than $10, 950)!
Please look at my last feedback, this is how I sell things, accurately and honestly!!!
My other negative feedback is bs!
One was a Hummer a lady popped buy it now on and then wanted me to accept her ck(I had stated like here, all of my listings CASH ot a bank wire transfer only), and then she wanted me to do a couple of things to it that were not part of sale and popping buy it now and then telling seller how he’s going to sell is not how works)!
Next negative feedback was last Christmas on an Escalade Hybrid I had listed. That buyer hit buy it now and the next day his roof collapsed from snow(he was from Minnesota), and then he couldn’t pay but yet because we had “words” I got a dang UNDERSERVED negative feedback!
If u decide u want to buy it, again, PLEASE contact me first so I’ll know for sure that we’re on the same page about everything and I’ll require an immediate $500 deposit pd via PP ot Zelle and then balance to be pd within 3 business days from there.
Also, I can recommend a fast/reliable auto transporter if neded, one who I have used for over 20 years now and most of buyers use him too(just like Jeep buyer just did).
Thanks for looking.
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