1 PAIR 2007 to 2013 State issued Illinois SUPERMAN license plate Metropolis seal

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(2011 sold, so not pictured - will ad photo later of 2013 plates)
You"ll have to contact me through Ebay messaging or through my email via the Paypal connection to let me know which year you want.
Take your pick years 2007 through 2013, plates at least three years old as stipulated to list on Ebay. All unused.(NOTE - 2013 is not pictured but still available)
Limited to 200 numbered pair, 1 thru 200, each year. Produced for the Metropolis, IL Rotary Club as a fund raiser by state of Illinois, street-legal plates are good for use for 60 days, ending in mid-June to coincide with the annual Superman Celebration held in Superman"s hometown of Metropolis, IL. The list to receive plates long-ago filled up. Plates first produced in 1989 and every year since then, come in sealed pairs for each number 1 through 200 as in Illinois plates are required on front and back of vehicle. As pictured, the sealed pair of plates come with a registration form on back of plates).
Also have sealed pairs for last three years but can"t list those per ebay rules, but you can contact me about those plates.
Shipping $4.95.Thanks!

Sale Price: US $79.00