10 ILLINOIS Bright Red License Plates Car Crafts Decor Signs Hobbies LOT 198

BIG SALE! 25% OFF THROUGH VALENTINES DAY! From now until February 15, 2016, all license plates are 25% off their regular price!
I am trying to reduce my excess inventory, so get them while they are available!

If you are looking for license plates that I don"t have listed, email me through and if I have them available, I will list them for you.
I am always looking for license plates. If you have any in quantities of 100 or more email me through . To see additional discounts and auction pictures, go here: Auction Pictures
Shipping is $6.50 for the first lot of ten plates. Shipping on each additional lot of ten plates is $1.50. All auctions must be first put in the shopping cart, then paid for AT THE SAME TIME during checkout, and not individually, in order to receive the combined shipping discount.
To receive a combined shipping discount, you must buy my license plates on "s main site: www.ebay.com. This is because the shopping cart will not work on any of "s international sites.
To get the additional discounts on shipping, you must first place all of the items you want in "s shopping cart. Then click the button on the top right that says: REQUEST TOTAL FROM SELLER.
Most of the time up to 6 lots (60 plates) will fit together in a single flat rate box for a single shipping cost of $64.95. To fit in the box, their combined weight can not exceed 19 pounds.
Shipping for 1 lot of ten plates is $27.50, as long as the lot weighs under 3.75 pounds. All weights are in the item descriptions.
To see more auction pictures and additional discounts, go here: Auction Pictures
The plates in this auction are authentic, real license plates originally made to be on registered vehicles. They are 6 inches high and 12 inches long.
10 ILLINOIS Bright Red License Plates Car Crafts Decor Signs Hobbies LOT 198
The plates in this lot are in excellent to mint condition and are unissued. These are embossed plates. They expired by December, 1995.
Weight: 4.25 pounds
(1.93 kgs)
The weight limit for an International flat rate box is 20 pounds including packing.
(9.07 kgs)
These plates can be used for crafts, decoration, siding on a building, or whatever else you can dream up. They also sell great at flea markets, souvenir shops, gift shops, antique malls, etc.
Collecting, trading and selling license plates also makes a great and interesting hobby. They can be collected for such things as their numbers, letters, dates, designs and the states they are from.
For US Customers, I can ship from 1 to 6 lots in a flat rate box. For Overseas Customers, I can ship from 2 to 5 or 6 lots together in a flat rate box, depending on weight.

I want to make you aware that license plates are getting harder and harder to come by, to the point of where many states are becoming scarce. This is forcing prices to go up from my sources as well as me. So stock up on license plates while you can!
In accordance with policy, these are expired license plates for private collection or craft purposes only, and are three years old or older.
FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: The most economical way to ship is to order 60 plates to be shipped in a flat rate box for $64.95. I will email you with the combined shipping cost when your have finished your order.
The weight limit for an International flat rate envelope is 4 pounds. If you buy a single lot that weighs more than 3 1/2 pounds, that order will be charged for and shipped in two envelopes instead of one. The shipping cost for an International flat rate envelope is $27.50.
Thank you for looking at my auctions! 98 percent of all the plates I sell have been washed both front and back. They are ready for resale or to be displayed. MY POLICIES
*** Payment is due within 7 days of end of auction. ***
Shipping costs include all postage and handling charges. I will combine sales of my license plates to save you on shipping costs.
I ship worldwide.

To see more auction pictures and additional discounts, go here: Auction Pictures Another auction from Platedealer1
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