16 License Plates Including Virginia, Alabama, Connecticut, Montana and New York

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“Please see photo for condition! Plates may have bends, dirt, dings, scratches, fading, etc.”

Thank you for checking out our listing. Let us know if you have any questions or a request. We love license plates and are always happy to share any information we have or help to search for a specific plate.
All plates are authentic license plates that are at least three years expired. We are collectors ourselves and collect everything from mint condition plates to incredibly beet up plates that are rusty, scratched, bent and faded. We want to make sure you are getting the condition that you are looking for, so please view the photo carefully.
Combined Shipping Policy:
We offer two options for combined shipping:
1. If you would like combined shipping please let us know prior to paying so that we can send a combined shipping invoice. Just place items in cart and request an invoice or send us a message. Below are average amounts of standard size plates we can fit based on flat rate options via USPS. If the plates are flat we can typically fit more per shipping method. If the plates are flat (non-embossed) we can typically fit less. If you would like to know exactly how many can fit, feel free to message us and we would be happy to quote the exact shipping cost.
2-15 plates, $7.00 First Class Mail or USPS Priority Mail
16-40 plates, $13.65 USPS Priority Mail
41-100 plates, $18.90 USPS Priority Mail
2. If you would like more plates, just let us know and instead of reducing the shipping, we"ll just calculate how much extra shipping you paid and add the equivalent amount or more of extra plates. If you are looking for specific plates, please message us before payment to make sure we have what you are looking for.
We strive for fast shipping. Unless traveling, we offer one day shipping and often ship same day using USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail.
License plates aren"t the only things we want to keep out of landfills. We also use as much recycled or reused packaging as we can, from reused cardboard to corrugated sign material. We"re also cheap, and free reused materiel is a great price! For Priority Mail we use USPS approved flat rate boxes.
Have a Request?
Let us know. We"ve helped to complete everything from that final plate in a collection to the perfect stack of rustic plates for a bar. Whether you are looking for bulk plates, year of manufacture pairs, or specialty plates, we"ll do our best to help. Or, if you just want to know more about a plate, we are happy to share any knowledge that we might have.

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