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2928 GOOD PLATES<>MOST ARE NOS PLATES EXCEPT THE "71 & "78 THE UNDATED PLATE IS 1982(ONLY UNDATED PLATE) I OFFER REAL LICENSE PLATES FOR (PRIVATE DISPLAY~HOBBY COLLECTING~AND FOR CLASSIC VEHICLES THAT CAN MEET THE YOM LAW REQUIREMENTS) ALL ARE EXPIRED BY AT LEAST 3 YEARS TO COMPLY WITH EBAY RULES FULL PLATE<>NOT CUT~SOMETIMES MY SCANNER DOESN"T SCAN THE FULL PLATE COMBINED SHIPPING--RATES ADD $5.25 POSTAGE TO USA <> PLEASE READ BELOW!!! NEW POSTAL FLAT RATE BOX = $13.00---- I CAN SHIP UP TO 50 (6INCHX12INCH) PLATES TO USA (SORRY THIS RATE IS NOT FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS) <>VISIT MY STORE AND FILL YOUR BOX ADD ME TO YOUR FAVORITES LIST AS I ALMOST ALWAYS HAVE MORE PLATES ON AUCTION I leave you feedback as soon as payment is made! I do not make you leave me positive feedback first. I do this because I am confident in my representation of my items, my customer service and my ability to correct any errors if one is made. A Buyers responsibility is to pay for the item in a timely manner and a Sellers responsibility is to deliver a great product, in that order. Therefore, I LEAVE FEEDBACK FIRST

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