1880s NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND license for honey cart for NIGHTSOIL Vanderbilt

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Really nifty and unusual, ephemeral document from Newport"s Gilded Age - docketed on the back, City License for Honey Cart and To transfer garbage from Thames Street to Farm. The printed city ordinances on the back include restricting the emptying of privies and cesspools, and transport of contents through town, between May and November, a likely attempt to keep summer residents happy while also limiting the spread of illness. License for Vehicle for removing Night Soil, &c.
Attached is an image of Bryer"s 1914 Newport Mercury obituary for reference. I believe Bryer also owned an ice cream parlor about this time (no relation to the Breyer"s ice cream of today). The name Vanderbilt is included in the listing title as the family was among the most famous of Newport"s summer residents, and Bryer is known to have kept a tea house for the upper echelon of Newport "society."
Good size, approx. 7 x 11 inches. Quite sound, just note the stain on the back which shows through slightly to the front, and note the two holes along bottom edge of lower margin. Text areas are as good as can be expected.
Signed by Mayor Stephen P. Slocum.
A great item for decoration in a local restaurant, bar, or oyster house, esp. if in the Narragansett Bay area.

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