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“AS IS, ALL were once hanging inside the roof beams of an old Garage, singles, Rust, minor dents, Collection”

I removed these from the Garage Roof Beams of a home built in 1934, Ohio. ~The Plates date from 1936 to 1955 with some years missing. the owner was a Military man who lived on and off on Military Bases, that is why some years no Ohio plates ~In 1953 the Man of The House, being a Lt.Col. U.S Army assigned to the 112th Engineer Battalion. Started to get his Personal VANITY Plates OHIO all with the 112 number for his fond memories and devotion to the 112th engineers, from 1953 to 1970s. I will list those VANITY Plates with the 112 numbers for 112th Engineers in a separate auction. ~ They All came off the same Garage Beams, the garage was then torn down for a Home and garage remodel. ~
The plates are not pristine, not mint, have age typical wear, rust dents. ~1936 GM 3241937 FW 4941938 EX 981 *** 150 ANNIV. N.W. TERR. OHIO with the Ox drawn wagon1939 LG 5771940 ND 9921941 FF 64 a smaller roughly 10 inch plate, don"t know why some year plates are 101942 BT 98 smaller plate1944 DP 591 larger plate1945 HB 72 smaller plate1946 FS 93 1947 HQ 81 1948 KQ 57 1949 HU 57 aluminum1950 EW 155 aluminum1951 NN 82361951 DR 7201953 DL 340 1803 - 1953 plate1955 HH 1177The FIRST Auction Picture Shows the Lot with 17 plates, the other pics are close ups of the lot and then after I photoed that I located the 1938 ANNIV plate so I photoed that lone plate in the LAST PICTURE, You Get ALL 18 plates - Thank You
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