1910 OHIO DEALER LICENSE PLATES 4 Plates all the same number 1st year dealers

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“Minor chips at bolt holes, one pair darker than the other, great gloss.”

Item for bid is one lot of Four 1910 Ohio License Plates all the same number, 10678. All are original plates in very good condition. Some chipping at the bolt holes. Great shine. Minor length wise bow from being fired the furnace. One pair (1 and 2 in the photos) is darker than the other pair. Starting in 1910 the state of Ohio realized that they needed dealer plates. Their early solution was to issue as many plates with the same number to the dealer applying for the plates. This system continued up through 1921 with only the change being the addition of the letter D in front of the numbers in 1916. In 1922 and 23 they added a letter suffix to the plates to show how many pairs a dealer had.( ie D 999 A, D 999 B, etc.) In 1925 they start the D then D/1, D/2 stacked prefix to show how many pairs a dealer had. This was continued thru 66 with only minor changes like the X in lieu of the D for 28 through 34 and no dealer pairs,only singles for 44,45,46 and none after the last pairs in 51/2, and in 35 the first tag is D/1 in a dealers series.
This is a really neat group of plates. I picked them up about 30 years ago and never showed them at any meet, they have just been in my office closet up on the shelf. I know of no other Ohio Dealers this old. I have seen three 1913s and lots of 1916 and up when the D prefix goes on them but that is all. Have seen a couple of old photos where the dealer had several cars with plates all the same number but these are the only ones I know that have survived all together for over 100 years.
TERMS: USA SHIPPING ONLY. USA shipping will be $20.00. Plates will be well packed and I will insure them for the full sale price. (So you will have to sign for the delivery due to the value) I expect payment within three days of the auction closing time. I will ship the item out within three business days after receiving the payment completion notice from paypal.
Thanks, Dan

Sale Price: US $1,600.00