1918 New Hampshire TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2 license plates (GIBBY GOOD)

This is a nice set of original paint NH "18 license plates. For many years, it was only speculation that the New Hampshire 1918 Bristol board plates were issued as an interim plate, until the normal porcelain plates were manufactured. Proof was found in the late 1980s by iconic collector, Mr. Stan Hamel. These are one half of the pairs that Mr. Hamel found, and I believe that all together, they are the only such matched plates known to exist. Grades G/G by ALPCA and MLPCA standards. Buyer pays $6.90 for priority shipping and handling within the US. COMBINED SHIPPING: Up to seven plates that are 14 inches long or less will ship for the same cost. For purchases of more than seven plates and for plates longer than 14 inches, add 50 cents ($1.00 for porcelain plates and plates from New Jersey and Maryland) per plate to the priority rate. Michigan sales tax applies to state residents. Shipping outside the U.S. at actual cost + $1.00. I am required by to state that this plate is at least three years old, and complies with all policies.

Sale Price: US $399.99