1932 Colorado License Plate 33-2-171 , Orange On Black, Good Condition

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“Very Good - Good condition on ALPCA scale (pervasive but minor scratches, minor rust along the edge, no dents, no bends, flat)”

This license plate was issued by the US state of Colorado in 1932. That year the plates were orange on black, the years before and after they were black on orange (see the picture from James Fox"s book that I"m including).
Please, look carefully at the pictures, as you"d be buying exactly what you"re seeing. The condition of the plate is Very Good to Good, using the ALPCA rating system. Great for displaying. Minor scratches from handling are all over, but there are no deep ones, neither are there any dents. Minor rust on the edge, more on the back than the front. Only one bolt hole has markings, so I am not sure this was ever installed on a vehicle. I am not sure if this was ever repainted or restored, but if it was they did an excellent job. I purchased this from a collector in the 1990"s and don"t have the prior history of the plate.
Needless to say, the plate is over three years old and is long expired.
Dimensions: 5.5 x 12.5 inches

Sale Price: US $10.00