“Old 1941 Louisiana passenger license plate more than 77 years old for ebay rules. Obsolete and original.”

Old 1941 Louisiana obsolete license plate.
Original, 77 years old, obsolete and unmolested as found. Not commonly found, especially without extra holes.
Look at the photos for condition. No extra holes, no bending torn bolt holes, cuts or tears.
Very solid metal, with some paint flaking. Can be restored or displayable as is.
Sam Jones of DeRidder, Louisiana was elected governor of Louisiana by 1940 at the times the plate was designed and manufactured.
It is believed the 1941 plate was produced at Angola Penitentiary, but not conclusively proven to be so. Sadly, much information seems to be lost to history.
He was the first to temporarily break the lock-hold that the Huey Long political machine had on Louisiana.
Not known is whether he had anything to do with the removal of the pelican and replacement with the state outline map. But 1941 is one of only two years for the map design.
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