1941 Ohio License Plate

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IMPORTANT: I accidentally shot all my photos on a lower quality setting. I only had time to redo about 25% of these. So if you see a plate that you"re interested in that also has lower resolution or it appears grainy then know that the problem is with the photo itself and not the plate. That is the case with most of the photos from this week"s auctions. Also if you are reading this you will have a bidding advantage over most others competing for this because I"ve found that usually 75% of my customers bid based on the photo only and do not read my text. So those people will take the photos at face value. You now know differently. This week we have lots of license plates that are over 50 years old; Florida, Ohio, Utah and countless others, many of which are from highly desirable states. There are also quite a few hard-to-find U.S. Territory license plates plus many other plates that fall into the interesting category. So be sure to check out our other auctions!

Sale Price: US $10.83