1947 California license plate pair YOM DMV clear kit frames Ford Chevy F1 1948

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all-in-one sale for the following items:
* a pair of 1947 California plates
* a set of frames to house your stickers for the YOM program
very nice restored 100% original California license plate pair. number COM L 96 39. truck issue. 14x6 inches; black legend on marigold yellow background. plates are almost completely straight and flat. each has a bit of edge damage and a bit of wave to the plate. please see the photos. I took them in early morning light with exaggerated shadows. these are truck plates from an era when these trucks worked, and worked hard. plates were mounted to a truck for probably 3-4 years and they tended to get bashed in and knocked around.
when you put the frames - which, again, are provided! - on the plates, they look great. perfect for your daily driver.
the frames house the registration stickers - month and year of expiration - that the DMV issues, for full compliance with the YOM program. frames are brand new in protective shrink wrap. the ones shown are just an example; yours will be new and completely untouched.
DMV clear as of 7/29/2016; may be placed on your 1947 vehicle, or - with the appropriate tab pair - your 1948, 1949, or 1950. perfect for your Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or DeLorean. tabs are sold separately; they may be found in my other auctions.
this auction is for all the items listed here. please inquire about selling each of these items on an individual basis.
I will personally guarantee this plate pair, and any other YOM-clear plates that I sell, to be clear for 30 days from the date of purchase. plate pair will come with the correct DMV form, as well as my clear, concise, correct instruction sheet for how to register your plates.
the DMV"s phone number is 1-800-777-0133; you may call them to verify that the plate number is available for your use. I recommend calling them on a Wednesday around 9am to minimize your hold time.
I have hundreds upon hundreds of other California YOM license plates (look at the pictures; I"m practically drowning in them!) - if you"re looking for a specific year, do not hesitate to ask.
ALPCA member 11871. plates guaranteed old, authentic, and compliant with California YOM regulations. bid with confidence.
plates are more than 3 years old and comply with "s policy on this topic. always wear your seatbelt.

Sale Price: US $379.99