1948 Virginia license plate 546-594 Ford Chevy Plymouth Studebaker

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very nice mechanically restored 100% original Virginia license plate. 1948 issue; number 546-594. 12 x 6 inches; white legend on black background. the plate has been expertly repainted using the exact same process by which it was originally manufactured: a roll-coater was used to apply the white highlights. just like in the state prison in 1948. the plate lies completely straight and flat, and has perfect gloss foreground and background.
as this is a single plate, it is not sufficient for Virginia"s YOM (antique vehicle) law. however, it is such a nice plate that you will want to put it on your car once it is at the show.
ALPCA member 11871. plates guaranteed old, authentic, and compliant with California YOM regulations. bid with confidence.
plates are more than 3 years old and comply with "s policy on this topic. always wear your seatbelt.

Sale Price: US $29.99