1949 Mass License Plate - Great Condition

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“A little rust on the 9 and across the top of the date banner and rough on the bottom right. Surface scratches are very minimal. The backside has surface rust making it feel rough along the left edge and across the top banner going across to the top right corner.”

This is a very clean 49 Mass plate measuring 13 1/2 x 6 1/4. This is in very good condition and feels like it is a little heavier steel. There is the beginning of rust over the top of the plate along the lip and top of the banner. and a little rough on the right side lip The back side has surface rust across the top behind the date banner over to the right corner. It also feels rough going down the left side lip. Very minimal. Possibly could just be cleaned off, I did not try. These plates are all in remarkable condition. This can be sent by First Class Mail.

Sale Price: US $5.00