1955 D C District of Columbia Wheaties Cereal Mini Bike License Plate

 Wheaties first offered miniature auto license plates from all 48 states and the District of Columbia in 1953. Four different sets of 12 plates each could be ordered by sending in 25 cents and a Wheaties box top. The District of Columbia plate was available in random boxes of Wheaties. It was a very successful promotion and increased Wheaties sales. Many boys and girls sent for the license plates and attached them to their bicycles. Post Cereals issued plate sets in 1968 and 1982. Single plates sell for about $5 today. A set of 49 plates issued in 1953-54, with original mailers, sold several years ago for more than $600. These were made by J.L. Clark Company, Rockford, IL and sold to Post Cereals and General Mills. They were made in 1953, 54, and 55. This complete set came from a box lot at an estate sale of a JL Clark retired employee who brought a few sets home. We have them now. 

Sale Price: US $12.99