1955 New York License Plate The Empire State

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“This license plate appears to have been repainted at some point, perhaps just the lettering but it's possible the whole plate was painted. There is some slight wear on the plate as well as two holes that look post production to me. Please see pictures!”

This is a 1955 New York license plate. The number on it is WN43-90. This plate is 13 1/2  inches by  6 1/4 inches. It looks as though the plate has been repainted at some point. It could be that just the lettering was repainted (at least that"s the only area that was obviously repainted). There is mild warping on the edges and there are two possibly post production holes drilled in the lower half of the plate. The color is an orange/yellow with black lettering. Along the top, the plate reads NY- THE EMPIRE STATE-55. Please see the pictures to get a better idea of condition. A beautiful license plate!
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