“Refer to Description”

This is a matching pair of old and hard to find 1956 Yellow California License Plates. The rear license plate has a White 1962 annual sticker attached to it, plus a series of older annual stickers below it. As these plates are approx. 59 years old, I would consider the front plate to be in GOOD to VERY GOODconditioning the rear plate to be in GOOD condition. As can be seen in the attached pictures, there are scratches to be seen on both plates and the rears plate has a small sliver shaved off it along the bottom edge. I recently contacted the DMV, and they informed me that these plates are DMV CLEAR (The numbers are not in use). The DMV further stated that ALL license plates must still be visually inspected and approved by the DMV, before they can be qualified for use in their YOM (Year of Manufacture) Classic Vehicle Program. Please take a close look at the attached pictures and also Gallery thumbnail picture, if you plan to bid on this Item. These plates are being sold AS IS with no guarantees, so if you have any questions with regard to these plates, please email me for a clarification PRIOR to your bidding on this Item. All sales are FINAL, and payment shall be made ONLY by "s established electronic PayPal method of payment. Buyer shall pay an additional fixed charge of $6.95 to cover the cost of packaging and shipping of this Item via Priority Mail. As I have no control of these plates once they are in the possession of the US Postal Service, buyer has the option to purchase Postal Insurance to protect himself against damage or loss while these plates are in shipment by the US Postal Service. If this option is selected, please add $2.10 for Postal Insurance to the above mentioned fixed charge. Due to a previous bad experience with an overseas buyer, this Item will be sold and shipped to bidders that live ONLY within the boundaries of the United States.

Sale Price: US $2.00