“As found with age and patina!”

For your Consideration today I have A matching pair of 1961 Virginia License Plates. These are in as-found condition.
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PLEASE SEE MY PHOTOS, THEY ARE PART OF MY DESCRIPTION! In the shipping cost is tracking fee.
People are always emailing me after auctions saying "Gee, I wish I would have bid, but if the winner doesn't pay, email me". That can easily be solved by just bidding in the first place. I have no idea why, but in the last few months I have had a ton of non-paying bidders. More than in the last 13 years. Usually with very low feedback or from out of the USA. This is why a lot of sellers won't sell to low feedback or non-USA folks. I always think "You have to start somewhere" and don't mind low feedback, but PLEASE HONOR YOUR BID!
All items are old and not mint unless I say so. Some wear is expected on vintage or antique items and not considered a flaw unless a major detraction. I find them at estate sales and auctions. Please don't buy a vintage item and expect it to be like new unless I mention it. If you want new, buy new. I encourage anything electric to have a new plug or cord put on, just common sense. I do try out all things to make sure they turn on, or work as intended, but can not guarantee how long a 60 year old item will keep working. I leave them pretty much alone, only wipe off dust so as-found patina. Some items are mine that I have collected for over 40+ years. Please see photos as they are part of my description. Ask questions BEFORE bidding please. Your bid is a contract to buy. No bid retractions. I do not take E-check!
I also expect payment within three days, and I will ship within three days. Usually Mon-Wen-Fri. Happy to combine shipping to save you money. If shipping seems high, I am more than happy to refund excess to your paypal acct. I have to assume someone in California, Washington or Oregon is buying and guess shipping which, if you are on the east coast, may seem high. I am in Virginia, which is on the east coast. If you are in California, it will take a bit longer to get there, so please when rating my service, keep that in mind. I would like to hear about any issues so I may address them before you leave me anything but five stars and positive feedback. Our seller rates are based on Ebays system and to keep items as low priced as possible, we need your help. I will leave you feed back when you leave it for me!

Sale Price: US $19.99