1963 Delaware License Plate Nice Stickers!! First Sticker Year (No Metal Tabs)

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“Good-Very Good”

This is the 1963 to 1969 undated Delaware base license plate with riveted numbers. The numbers on this plate have a yellow reflective glass-bead surface which is slightly rough to the touch.I am hesitant to call this a natural stickered "63, because it appears that there is a faint ghost image of at least one other, post-1964 larger-sized sticker from a later year which was carefully removed. Please see the close-up photo for detail.In 1964 and 1965, Delaware year stickers were modified to a larger size that included the month of expiration, as well as the year. Also, not all 1963 plates have the additional month sticker, as does this one, at the lower left cornerIf you know anything about these 1963 stickers - both the month and year stickers, you know what kind of awful shape most of them are in today. The light gold reflective backgrounds interacted with the surface glue and congealed, in such a way that most of them you will see today are badly marred by ugly dark brown stains. But the two "63 stickers on this plate still look mostly clean and bright.Just as a side note: I am one of the few collectors who was ever able to once finish a complete run of Delaware license plates. I actually obtained a 1909 first issue before I was ever lucky enough to find a nice 1963 plate with both year and month stickers that were free from those nasty dark stains. This old tag would be a great asset to your Delaware run, or 1963 year collection.Priority Mail shipping is a low $4.99 in the US.YES, we combine shipping costs! Just go ahead and buy all you like, and we will send you an adjusted invoice, or else we will pay a refund to your PayPal account before shipping the package.For shipping to other countries, please contact us for price.

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