1963 Indiana Trailer License Plate Bright Blue And Yellow

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“This item has very minor wear. There's slight scratching throughout, particularly in the lettering. There are several areas that look like they have a thin layer of clear glue or a similar substance spread over them. Please see pictures!”

This is a 1963 Indiana license plate. The number on it is 96123A. This plate is 13 1/2 inches by about 6 inches. The plate also says TRAIL and 3000. I believe that means that this is a license plate for a trailer and that the haul limit is 3,000 pounds. The plate has either been overheated or has a light layer of clear glue or a similar substance in certain areas. There"s also a wavy appearance to the metal on the left side and minor scratches throughout. On the positive side, the original colors of this piece are beautiful, bright blue for the background and a yellow/orange for the lettering. Please see the pictures to get a better idea of condition. An interesting piece of history!
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