1966-1969 North Dakota License Plate Rare Low Number 2-Digit #21


ABOUT THIS WEEK"S LISTINGS: As we may be traveling around Christmas, all of our listings this week are fixed-price Buy-it-Now offers at reasonable prices. Anything you purchase this week will be shipped within 24 hours after payment is received. Our regular 7-day No Reserve auctions will return on Monday, January 4.This is a rare, two-digit low number license plate that likely belonged to an important VIP bigshot, possibly a judge, or an elected official. Condition is only Good Minus to almost Good due to some scuffs and fading of the reflectorization. Please see the close-up photo for detail.This is a real, genuine, used old vintage low-number license plate that was actually on a car, not a knock-off that someone"s friend had made up at DMV.LOW SHIPPING of just $2.99 in the US. We like to keep our shipping rates low, hoping you will consider this when deciding to purchase from us. For shipping outside the US, contact us for price. YES, we combine shipping costs: if you buy more than one item, we will refund the discount to your PayPal account before shipping the package. IMPORTANT: We only ship to the approved address. Please make sure your shipping address is correct and available.

Sale Price: US $32.99