1968 Vintage Michigan NC 1958 License Plate

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Vintage 19698Michigan license plate, has the numbers and letters NC 1958, done in a dark green background with the lettering in yellow. No bends or rust, shows slots where screws on bottom slots slightly rased and scored. Lettering crisp and background excellent to near mint condition. Back of plate shows something that looks like undercoating but no rust. Front almost looks like new. Would rate 8-8.75 on a scale of 10. Wait for invoice or email before sending payment if there are any questions. See refund/return/ins policy. Add $4 shipping to the U.S., Canada & foreign- inquire. Save shipping on combined sales.
Shipping costs: 2016 postal changes which affected a 10% US priority shipping increase, plus past increases on 6/1/15 for both US and overseas shipping, plus E-bay charging 10% & Paypal close to 5% on shipping & commissions, and a minimal cost for envelopes, tape, etc, costs are getting harder to control. All literature items are shipped with a plastic sleeve and cardboard sandwiched in between to prevent damage, which also affects the shipping weight. Any item in weight over 1 lb is normally sent priority to the States, and zip codes affect the pricing.

Sale Price: US $39.95