1969-1970 Delaware License Plate TOW CAR Rare Type Riveted Numbers Low Number


This is an extremely rare Delaware type - the TC stands for Tow Car. The numbers have been riveted on. I used to collect Delaware license plate types, and this was one of the very last of them that I found....Good luck finding another one!You will notice from the photo some faint, lighter discoloration of the blue background, which is actually a fine spray of white paint. I was told that the blue reflective sheeting is pretty durable, and that a variety of simple solvents are able to remove the paint, but I have never tried to clean this item. Please see the close-up photo for detail. SPECIAL USA SHIPPING DISCOUNT ON ALL LICENSE PLATES 6x12 INCH-SIZED OR SMALLER:ALL of them ship by Priority Mail for ONLY $4.99, whether you buy one plate, or 100 plates!
This applies to ALL 6x12 (or smaller) plates we currently have for sale. Just go ahead and buy them, and we will adjust the invoice, or else refund the discount to your PayPal account before shipping the package.Condition on this plate is only Good as seen in the photo.
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Sale Price: US $39.99