1969 Maryland Vintage License Plates Two Sequential Sets Amazing Condition RARE

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You are bidding on not just one set of NOS..Never Used.. 1969 Maryland License Plates!..But 2 SEQUENTIAL SETS!  These 2 Sequential sets are in Awesome shape..not restored,..but original vintage plates..pressed and painted over 45 years ago!  I can say this with absolute certainty because these Two Sequential sets of 1969 MD Vintage Plates were handed down to me from my Uncle..who co-owned a car dealership in Maryland when I was a little boy.  These Two sets of sequential plates were given to me when my Uncle passed away.  He always had these 4 plates displayed in a frame in his office..out of the sun and kept warm and dry.. These plates survived over 4 and a half Decades!  As a small boy I remember seeing these 4 sequential plates hanging in his office..(which had no windows for the sun to fade them). Please carefully examine all the pictures.. These 4 plates are Amazing in every way! Why were they never used?..and why are they sequential?  I have no idea. My uncle passed away years ago and I never got the story behind them.  But for some reason they were special to my Uncle and he preserved these 4 plates perfectly!  These plates have no dings, and have not been touched up or repainted. These are Original and in Amazing condition. They must have been placed in a frame the day that my Uncle got them and were never taken out.  I am selling the 4 plates not the frame that they were in.  These 4 plates will be handled with cotton gloves and packaged very securely and carefully.  These plates are for the serious collector of Rare, Vintage License Plates. 

Sale Price: US $200.00