1970 Genuine License Plate OKLAHOMA FARM TRUCK # ALF - 1960

“Very good condition. Well preserved and displayable.”

Nothing like finding old items, never used, in storage! (I have found a number of license plates that would bring back memories for someone.) This farm truck plate from 1970 is still in unusually good condition for a 45 year-old plate. I have listed it as a used plate, but the condition is so good that I think it may never have been mounted on a truck. Some farmers placed license plates inside the back window of the truck cab instead of mounting them on a bumper, however.
Genuine 1970 Oklahoma FARM TRUCK License Plate
Number ALF - 1960
A personal note: I live on a farm in Kentucky, but over the years have collected lots of items that were of interest to ME. Now, in 2015, at age 77, I will be offering quite a few items from my collections to others who might possibly be interested in having them. Most of my prices will start pretty low. If you have question, please e-mail me.
NOTE: I ask the buyer of any license plate to contribute part of the costs of packaging and postage. I pay the remainder of the shipping costs.

Sale Price: US $4.00