1971-1972 Michigan D. A. V. License Plate Tag; #GNP-002: Washtenaw County (JS)

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“Condition of the tag is very good but not excellent.”

This is a Michigan Disabled American Veterans license plate keychain tag from 1971 with the 1972 sticker, and this is the era of double-plate issues in Michigan. 1956 was the beginning of two-plates issues, suspended back during the war. This is a single issued by the D.A.V. of what would have been a pair.
The very first 3-letter/3-number tags were introduced state-wide in 1970.
Elsewhere on this Ebay store are many other used DAV tags from many different years that came from this big collection just purchased in March 2015.
For those of you who do not know what these are, they are only about an inch or more long. According to my Michigan Book by author Greg Gibson, Michigan"s DAV tags were made from 1939 thru 1942 by B.F.Goodrich. Then Ident-O-Tag and the Disabled American Veterans began production in 1941 and there is a resultant overlap for two years, then all the way up to the pairs of 1973 with the representation of the "74 sticker, they were produced by the D.A.V, and that ended the era of key chain tags.
Condition of these tags are very good but not excellent.
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