1974 Genuine Expired MISSISSIPPI License Plate # DCD 760 GRENADA

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“I have indicated that this is a "used" plate, but it led a charmed life, no dents or scratches. Looks very good. Slight signs of age including some age dulling, not as bright as when new. A couple of tiny pecks to the enamel.”

Nothing like finding old items, never used, in storage! (I have found a number of license plates that would bring back memories for someone.) This plate from 1974 appears never to have been used and despite some normal age discoloration is still in very good condition. Does have some surface rust areas on the back of the plate, should be no problem to remove. All in all, this plate is about as good as any you are likely to find of this age and type. Has been carefully stored for 40+ years.
I have several hundred plates in my collection. Plates in this category, almost half a century old, are becoming hard to find. Could be displayed as an historical item.
Genuine 1974 Mississippi License Plate, expired, still in good condition
Number DCD 760
Expired in October, 1974
A personal note: I live on a farm in Kentucky, but over the years have collected lots of items that were of interest to ME. Now, following my 80th birthday in August, 2018, I have begun offering quite a few items from my collections to others who might possibly be interested in having them. Included will be several dozen collectable license plates from a number of different states. Most of my prices will start pretty low. If you have questions, please e-mail me.
For more than 17 years I have been selling various collectable, commemorative and historical items from my lifetime collections (total of about 25,000 sales) with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every item. If dissatisfied with the item or with my service, just notify me by e-mail for fast no-hassle correction or refund. Thank you.
NOTE: Because of steadily increasing postage prices over the past two or three years, I now ask the buyer of a license plate to contribute part of the costs of packaging and postage. I thought it only fair that the buyer share in these expenses. (I pay the remainder of shipping costs.) You may be aware that on January 22, 2017, the U. S. Postal Service increased the prices of postage once again (for the third year in a row.) Additional postage rate increases were imposed on mailed packages in September 2017 and once more in early 2018.

Sale Price: US $5.50