1974 Washington License Plate VG Nice!! Natural Sticker on 1968 Base Rare


This is the 1968 base license plate featuring a natural 1974 sticker, meaning that no other stickers from any other years have ever been on the plate. Considering that this 1968 base was on the roads up to at least 1999, it is safe to say that a natural "74 Washington is quite a rare license plate in any condition......and the condition on this one happens to be Very Good, with no scuffing or scratches, and only minor wear on the mounting holes. There is a slight warp to the plate, meaning that it does not lay perfectly flat on a table - this was a common manufacturing trait of many (if not most) aluminum license plates of this vintage.The 1968 base plate was the result of a Washington law passed that year which stipulated that all license plates in the state had to be reflectorized. Even after more than four decades, the reflective surface on this plate is still bright and glossy. This outstanding, all-original vintage old tag can be yours with LOW SHIPPING of just $2.99 in the US. We like to keep our shipping rates low, hoping you will consider this when deciding to purchase from us.For shipping outside the US, contact us for price. YES, we combine shipping costs: if you buy more than one item, we will refund the discount to your PayPal account before shipping the package. IMPORTANT: We only ship to the approved address. Please make sure your shipping address is correct and available.

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