1980 ALASKA license plate ~ the old one with the bear

“See my description....”

1980 Alaska license plateThis license plate was issued in Fairbanks in 1976 and used through 1980. The registrant left the fancy 76 date uncovered. The plate is in good plus condition with some marks and scrapes near the borders.
The high bidder should expect to pay $6.50 priority mail postage, or the actual cost to foreign destinations. (My zip code is 98359.) Postage for one license plate to overseas destinations is usually $9.00 to $15.00.

Paypal payments are welcome. I email my address and shipping info to my buyers within a couple of hours after the auctions have closed. (If you haven"t received my email by the next day, you might check your spam folder.)
I verify that this listing complies with "s regulation: Current vehicle license plates, or plates that claim to resemble such current licenses (may not be listed). Collectible vehicle license plates that are at least 3 years old may be listed. This must be clearly stated within the listing.
Please read all of my listing, so that you can be sure of what you"re bidding on and what my terms are. When you become the successful bidder, you have taken on an obligation to follow through on the transaction. I shall expect you to honor that obligation.
Thanks for bidding. I enjoy selling (and buying) license plates on , and I"m concerned that my buyers receive good value. Therefore, if anyone feels that I have misrepresented a plate I"ve sold, please contact me, and I"ll do what I can to make it right. I"m not satisfied if you"re not, and I can"t know that you"re dissatisfied if you don"t tell me.
A word about repainted plates: I don"t care for them much, never buy them unless I don"t figure I"d ever find an original one of that type, and on the rare occasions I sell them on I always, always say in the title or the description that the plate is a repaint. This applies to professionally restored plates as well as amateur repaints. So if my listing doesn"t say a plate is a repaint, it has the original paint.
I only have time to ship orders on one day each week. I prefer to ship USPS priority mail because the packing process is usually quicker, the containers don"t cost extra, and delivery is rapid and reliable.

Sale Price: US $6.50