1987 License Plate, INDIANA, # C 2107 . . . BUS . . . hard to find!

“Minor signs of age, probably never mounted on a bus. Some faint vertical lines, acquired during manufacture 30 years ago.”

Nothing like finding old items, never used or else lightly used and in good condition, in storage! (I have found a number of license plates that would bring back memories for someone.) This one is a hard-to-find special plate for display on a bus.
Expired Genuine Indiana License Plate, appears never to have been displayed
Number C 2107
Marked BUS ... plate expired in 1987
Would bring back memories for someone, I am sure.
A personal note: I live on a farm in Kentucky, but over the years have collected lots of items that were of interest to ME. Now, following my 78th birthday in August, 2016, as my time and health permit I am offering for sale quite a few items from my collections (including among a variety of collectable items, collectable license plates from various states) to others who might possibly be interested in having them. Among the items will be sewing collectables (buttons, vintage patterns, etc.), fishing collectables, many different vintage watch parts, and vintage woodworking tools and other Americana including weathered reclaimed wooden boards for signs and craft projects. Most of my prices will start pretty low. If you have questions, please e-mail me.
NOTE: I ask the buyer of license plates to pay part of the costs of packaging and postage. I pay the remainder of the shipping costs.
You are probably aware that on January 22, 2017, the U. S. Postal Service increased the costs of postage (for the third consecutive year).

Sale Price: US $3.00