1991 - 1995 Ohio License Plate # NAIA 95 Sealed in Original Plastic Sleeve

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Up for purchase here is a new never used Custom license plate NAIA 95. I believe it"s only 1 plate inside
Unfortunately, Domestic and international shipping rates went up again on 1/17/16. USPS raised a 1 OZ package to $2.60, a ~ 30% increase! In addition to that Ebay and Paypal get 13% .13 x $2.60= .34c.
So, the total cost to ship 1- 1 Oz 1st class mail package a US Ebay is $2.94 That"s for 1 OZ. It goes up from there! Please, don"t blame Ebay sellers for the high prices of shipping. Go tell the Post office and other Shippers that they are getting greedy! As an Ebay seller I don"t like higher shipping or fees anymore than you do. Every increase takes more $ from my bottom line.
Right now, if I sell an item for $10.00 including shipping. I end up with ~$5.75 after -$2.60+ for shipping -1.00 for Ebay fees and -.65c for Paypal fees. That doesn"t include packing supplies, ink, gas costs or the original purchase cost of the item.

Sale Price: US $15.98