2001 2003 2006 2007 Tennessee License Plates Putnam & Smith Sounds Good To Me

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“These Putnam plates came off our personal vehicles. One has paint on front and back, I think it was used to cover a vent.”

These plates are used, so they are bent a little, have some scuffs, and the 2007 one has a ding on the number 4.Tennessee Sounds Good to Me, Putnam County, #CLH-224, January, 2001. This plate has some white paint and scuffing on bottom of front, and both brown and white paint on the reverse.
Tennessee Sounds Good to Me, Putnam County #KMP-090, November 2003.Tennessee Sounds Good to Me, Smith County #EDU-153, October 2006, I bought this one because I am an EDUcator!The Volunteer State, Tennessee Putnam County #348-KYK, May 2007. This plate is not embossed, guess we can"t afford it anymore!

Sale Price: US $12.00