2005 Texas ERROR Handicapped License Plate 7XG TP Sheeting Problem Thru Center

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This auction is for a 2005 Texas Handicapped ERROR License Plate. It is an error plate as the plate has a double line right down the center of the plate horizontally. It appears the reflective sheeting ran out and a new roll was started right about in the middle of this plate while it was being made. It has an overlap of the sheeting that is about 1/8 inch wide. This does not usually happen during the plate manufacturing process! If you look at the second picture which is a close-up you will see the overlap being thicker than the rest of the plate and the white lines where the characters are. If you look at the white area you will see the overlap clearly. Click on the pictures to enlarge them see them larger and clearer as everyone"s opinion on condition varies! In my opinion it is in mint condition. It is over three years old as per ebay"s rules and expired in 2005. Buyer to add 5.25 First Class Mail shipping (heavier steel plate) or $7.35 shipping via Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope. The plate will be wrapped in a liner and shipped with protective cardboard with either method of shipping. Priority Mail shipping will INCLUDE INSURANCE . I always combine shipping whenever possible. Thanks for your interest!

Sale Price: US $12.99