2007 New Hampshire Old Man of The Mountain License Plate NH 188 7884

(2007 plate number 188 7884 , New Hampshire Old Man of the Mountain license plate)
some history about new Hampshire plate design.
(Design) January 1999 the state of N.H. released this plate. (embossed dark green numbers on graphic plate with old man of the mountain and cannon mountain against pale blue sky; screened New Hampshire centered at bottom , with new in dark green cursive letters above Hampshire in dark green serifed letters.
Slogan live free or Die screened in dark green block letters centered at top.
Serial issued , serial formate ,notes
12345 to 99999 old man graphic at far right (also the style for vanity plates)
123 456 (999 999 to 100 000) serials progressed backwards old man graphic center.
123 4567 (100 0000 to 396 0000 as of January 14,2016) old man graphic slightly to left of center.
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