2008 - 2014 Utah Passenger License Plate Arch Life Elevated

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I"m selling many Utah license plate passenger pairs, truck pairs, singles, trailers, and a few odd ball plates this week. This is a good chance to get reasonably priced stickered Utah plates, and fill those spots while you"re waiting for the mint plate. Some are in fantastic condition. Some aren"t so good, but are priced accordingly. Shipping is $4 for the first Utah plate and then 50 cents more for each additional plate purchased, up to a maximum of $8 total shipping. In other words, if you buy 9 plates or more, shipping is $8. A pair counts as 2 plates. Before you pay, let me invoice you to get all the shipping right. thinks it can figure it all out by itself, but it can"t. Trust me. Email any questions.
These plates aren"t stickered, therefore not legal for licensing. They are likely from 2009 to 2014, so at least 3 years old, complying with policies.
This auction includes all 3 plates, which are in fair to very good condition.

Sale Price: US $6.00