2013 Mississippi Amite County License Plate 03 Month Tag

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“Scratches where the year tag was removed.”

Selling my Arizona license plate as I am now at 99% higher humidity on the gulf coast. 
There is a funny story about Arizona plates. Before the increase in population caused the state to go to 7 digits, the 3 letters and 3 numbers were separated by a small saguaro tree (an indigenous cactus).  The first plates issued like that had yellow letters and numbers. Everyone had a great time when it was discovered that the yellow letters and numbers disappeared at night when caught by headlights. Photo radar and police could not read the tags at night. 
Needless to say, they recalled those plates and changed to dark letters and numbers. 
One final thought. This is the only plate I have ever seen that everything was painted on the front and not embossed through to the back. 

Sale Price: US $10.00