2013 North Dakota Motorcycle license plate - oddball dark blue type

Please see picture for condition - 2 extra holes. This is an unusual one - ND is over to the right compared to all the other cycle plates I"ve seen and the shade of blue is extremely dark. This series is supposed to be very light blue.
Combined postage always available. PLATE IS AT LEAST THREE YEARS OLD AND MEETS EBAY LISTING REGULATIONS. A seller can accept alternate payment methods from a buyer if the buyer requests it. Please allow sufficient time for delivery: international parcels often take 14 to 17 business days. Handling time refers to the time it takes for me to mail the item; I have no control over what the post office does.
Postage is $8 US to the States, $4.50 US in Canada, $14 US overseas.

Sale Price: US $10.00