7 Antique New Jersey Driver Licenses 1928-1934 Most As-Issued-Condition! LOW $$

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“4 are pristine and perfect with perfect edges all around and not a crease. As Issued Condition. 2 are the same with a tiny .25mm crease along top edge. 1 has a .5mm cut at top edge. The photos were before the folded creases were straightened, there is not 1 bit of missing material on any”

Superb Condition!- 4 are Same-As-Issued 100% crisp and free from even the smallest crease or dot. All are 100% complete as the non-perfect ones only have a tiny crease along part of the top edge. It was straightened after the photos so only a line-crease remains when a magnifier is used. One has a tiny cut at the top edge but still remains in better condition than my newly issued laminate plastic license, even after almost 90 years. 90 years for a paper license that was carried every day!! I see some of these listed here at $13 or even $22 each. I am selling 7 for the same total (with shipping) price as the cheapest ONE I saw. Why would you want this or who would want them? If you collect transportation advertising or gas pumps or anything from this era, a mounted set of these on the wall adds to it. If you collect old cars, and have other period items as a part of your display, having real vintage drivers licenses from the same year as your car(s) is an awesome touch. Hang one from the rearview of a car matching the year, or frame the set for the wall. If you have a business from NJ that started at this time period or if you are lucky enough to have a relative living who was born in one of these years, it is a great part of a birthday card. A license from the year they were born, who else could give them that? I guarantee the topic of conversation will be your card/gift. Even if you want to get this set of 7, and sell them separately for more, feel free. Some antique stores or eclectic type vintage places could sell these for $10 a pop easily in their store. Attracts attention, gets more $ from the customer. Now, the history of these licenses blows my mind. When you think of the types and rarity that cars were in many places even at this time, as you are talking about the Depression years. These were valid during the Great Depression, during Prohibition and the gangster days of Al Capone, during the years leading up to WW2. A young man who was a veteran of the German Army in WW1 was writing a book and making plans that would take the world to WW2. Adolf Hitler had yet to hold any office or have any followers when these were active. I could go on, but anything that is a piece of history is valuable in some way. There are not many of these around as most were destroyed when voided, which was easy as they are plain paper. To have a consecutive set in this condition is RARE! Hey, maybe you collect old licenses and plates...here is a full set in one place at the lowest price anywhere on the Internet or any store as well. This set can ship 2 ways; $2.45 sends it 1st Class with tracking which is preferred. They will be packed proper in cardboard so they arrive just as you see them. If you agree to accept the risk of no tracking, I can ship the set for $1 as I have never had the Post Office lose an item like this. I will send a photo of your addressed and stamped envelope when it mails and trust me, I am not going to risk my top rating for some old licenses and $13. These are $2 each at this price

Sale Price: US $14.35