Antique 1928 Oregon PAIR MODEL A License Plates

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“please refer to photos -- front and backs are included”

Purchased from a party in southern Oregon in 2001 for a Model A restoration that never happened. Late afternoon sun did not provide the ideal light -- please request another photo or close up if you feel it necessary. I see light and small areas of oxidation on back of both pieces. They are as purchased so I do not know how cleaning was addressed. On the lighter (whiter) plate I tried water and then windex on a Q-tip in the trough around a few characters. I could see no change in the surface so I dried the plate off and resisted further intervention. On the darker plate upper left corner there is 1/2 inch of surface slightly bent, this looks to come out with minimum effort. So, my eye is not trained for this, but what I see is healthy metal in preponderance, minimum small areas of rust, smooth surface with no creases or troubling bends, no extra holes. Minor flaking around holes may be the worst critique.
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