Antique C. 1935 vanity plate for antique car from Annapolis Maryland

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About a 1930"s era vanity license plate from Annapolis Maryland judging by its size. I found it an abandoned garage on an old property outside of Baltimore. There was no house on the property it looked like it had been bulldozed for safety reasons.The house was probably getting ready to fall over and to keep the neighbor kids safe the county knocked it over and hauled it away. This plate measures 12 7/8 x 7 7/8 and was yellow at one time. Now it is yellow and rust colored and would need a good beading and a new paint job. It is made of a better grade of sheet metal and has no holes through it. The upper left corner is worn a little but the lettering is still raised up and not flattened any where. The bolt slots are 1 3/16 wide and still stable enough for use.

Sale Price: US $3.00