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Offered is an original antique non-resident motor vehicle permit (license) for the City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii. This one was never issued and is in mint original condition.
It is has lovely vibrant colors, and looks a lot like a luggage label. It bears the Hawaiian Royal Coat of Arms and the motto of the Kingdom.

My guess is this either pre- or early 1920s. At that time, only the wealthiest individuals visited Hawaii. They traveled by steamship, often with first class accommodations. It was the golden age of travel. One of the perks of wealth was if you chose to, you could arrange to bring your own vehicle for touring the islands.
This permit was designed to be attached to the lower right corner of the windshield. Since the used ones would have been difficult to save, this means this is a particularly rare piece of ephemera.
From the printed information I gather that: A person surrendered their own license plates when picking up their temporary vehicle license (this permit). Vehicle weight determined the license fee. The permit notes that the scales were at Ala Moana Road at the incinerator with very limited hours.
This was an estate purchase. The family had ties to government in Hawaii.
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Excellent condition. Scanned at high resolution.
SIZE: 5 Does not appear to be gummed.

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